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2019 marked the 10th year the Alda Center has been applying improv to their work in science communication. Alan Alda and Aretha Sills offered us a peek into the world of training scientists and health professionals, learn a little about how far the culture of sci-comm has come thorugh the oldest form of improv there is: conversation! 

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What’s Happening at AIN

Our 2020 AIN Conference is postponed in view of COVID-19 


Meanwhile, our dedicated teams are designing new opportunities for the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more info!

Webinars and Sixty-minute Socials

We’ve launched a new regular series of AIN webinars called The Big Topic. This is an opportunity for us to gather and learn together in between face-to-face conferences and local group meetings. They start at various times to accommodate as many time zones as possible, and usually last 90 minutes. Anyone is welcome to attend, up to our current Zoom limit of 100 participants.

We usually record them, and you’ll find them posted on the AIN Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRBK5Z3g1_ypxHlVUMg9hrBnmmscN7yvE

And yes, they will be participative, with opportunities for discussion and other contributions in lively formats, hosted by the practitioners.

here for more information

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The Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) is committed to increasing accessibility of this conference to people from underserved and under-represented communities by providing award scholarships to as many deserving people as possible. You can directly help by donating* to the AIN World Conference 2019/2020 scholarship fund here and help increase the number of participants who could not otherwise afford to attend. Click here to donate.

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We are working on a new site by the 2020 AIN Conference. Hang on til then and we will have something spectacular.