Certified Practitioners

To bring the benefits of Applied Improvisation into your organisation, you’ll need a skilled and experienced practitioner.

The AIN works to raise the standards of facilitators, consultants and coaches, academics and workshop leaders. So we suggest you use an AIN Certified Practitioner who has qualified to appear on this website. Each of them has done so by subscribing to the AIN code of conduct and ethics and demonstrating a commitment to professional standards.

They are all making a genuine contribution to the development of the field of Applied Improvisation which we check with a system of points.

Below, you’ll see a list of currently Certified Practitioners which you can browse, or you can use our advanced keyword search tool.

Each profile has a link to the Practitioner’s own website, from which you’ll learn more about what they can do for you, how they work and how you can engage them. The rest, including any contractual and legal arrangements, is up to you: we are all independent practitioners, and so the AIN cannot assure the quality of any programs.

Practitioner Organisation Location Contact
Burgert Kirsten Playing Mantis South Africa and the rest of the world. burgert@playingmantis.net
Sylvaine Messica EN HAUT DE L'AFFICHE France and Europe sylvaine.messica@enhautdelaffiche.fr
Colin Pinks Luminarum Based in UK, operate in Europe and work globally colinpinks@uk1.net
Robin Postel TLIO (Transformational Learning for Individuals + Organizations) Arizona; national and international projects postel@tlio.com
Colin Pinks Luminarum Based in UK, operate in Europe and work globally colinpinks@uk1.net
Susanne Schinko Susanne Schinko-Fischli Switzerland office@cocreative.ch
Mary Jane Pories Fishladder Inc. Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA mjpories@fishladder.net
Simon Goland Simon Says Consulting Inc Vancouver, BC, Canada (home base). International. alchemist@SimonGoland.com
Brent Darnell Brent Darnell International Atlanta, GA USA brent@brentdarnell.com
Jørgen Moltubak Gnistrende.net Norway contact@jorgenmoltubak.no
Michael Burns Koppett New York State, US michaelburns@mopco.org
Ellen Feldman-Ornato The Next Peace Central New England, US ellen@thenextpeace.com
Ted DesMaisons Anima Learning Daly City, CA ted@AnimaLearning.com
Patrick Short Viewers Like You, LLC / ComedySportz Portland, Oregon plus US, UK and Germany patrick@comedysportz.com
Doug Shaw University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA register@dougshaw.com
Bård Brænde Curious AS Oslo, Norway baard@curious.no
Martin Ciesielski medienMOSAIK & impro live! Akademie für Angewandte Improvisation Berlin, Germany, worldwide mc@medienmosaik.de
Roberto Hirche Improtheater Konstanz Germany info@impro-konstanz.de
Louis Wells Louis Wells, NJIT South Orange, NJ wellslouis@gmail.com
Beth Boynton Boynton Improv Education, LLC Portsmouth, NH beth@bethboynton.com
Lisa Hurst Improv To Grow San Antonio, TX improvhappens@gmail.com
Anne Marie L Mohr Project Present and Mohr Improv St. Louis projectpresentstl@gmail.com
Bridget K. Brown StoryMatters, LLC Connecticut bridget@storymatterscompany.com
Victoria Hogg The Offer Bank United Kingdom and online victoria@theofferbank.co.uk
Kat Koppett Koppett + Company New York kat@koppett.com
DeAnna Massie DeAnna Massie St. Louis, MO deannammassie@gmail.com
Bobbi Block Bobbi Block Philadelphia, PA, USA bobbisfblock@gmail.com
Susanne Pöchacker Susanne Poechacker e.U. Vienna, Austria, Europe info@susannepoechacker.at
Lisa Safran Improv Consultants San Rafael, CA lisa@improvconsultants.com
Stefan Kollmeier #rational-verrückt - Moderation & Inspiration mit Verstand Darmstadt, Germany kontakt@stefankollmeier.de
Jackie Gnepp Humanly Possible, Inc. Chicago and the world! jackie@humanlypossible.com
David Koff Improv(e)isation portland, oregon davidsgenericemail@gmail.com
Ed Reggi COCAbiz St. Louis, Missouri edreggi@gmail.com
Dave Bourn Sprout Ideas London, UK info@sproutideas.co.uk
Kristy West BraveSpace Atlanta, GA United States kristy@bravespacebiz.com
Rachel Bellack The Improv Advantage Detroit, Michigan USA, Toronto, Ontario Canada rachel@theimprovadvantage.com
Berry van den Bos Bos & Meer training en coaching The Netherlands info@bosenmeer.nl
Mike Weaver Group Mind Consulting Columbus, Ohio mike@thegroupmind.com
Nathalie Van Renterghem Inspinazie Belgium, Flanders nathalie@inspinazie.be
Nancy Watt NANCY WATT COMMUNICATIONS Dundas, Ontario, Canada nancygwatt@gmail.com
Jon Trevor Let's Talk England, United Kingdom, UK, Great Britain, Birmingham UK jon@improvinitiative.com
Marian Rich Career Play Inc. New York, NY mrich@careerplayinc.com
Angelina Castellini Yes & Venture UK a.c.castellini@gmail.com
Christiana Frank Christiana Frank Consulting Reno/Tahoe (Home Base) & International Christiana@ChristianaFrank.com
Roland Trescher isar99 theater & training Munich - Germany - Europe trescher@isar99-training.de
Andrew Tarvin Humor That Works New York, NY / United States andrew@humorthatworks.com
Raymond van Driel F-Act Training & Coaching Netherlands and abroad raymond@f-act.com
Jessica Breitenfeld Laugh Europe laughinenglish@gmail.com
Jenny Drescher The Bolder Company Northeast, USA jenny@theboldercompany.com
Sue Walden Sue Walden & Co / ImprovWorks! Home base: California; Europe & Asia sue@improvworks.org
Frauke Nees Frauke Nees Berlin f.nees@web.de
Paul Z Jackson PJA London, UK and beyond paul@impro.org.uk
Annelies Ransome Silicon Valley Improvisation Silicon Valley, California, USA anneliesransome@yahoo.com
Hikaru (Lou) Hie Ena Communication Inc. 日本 hikaruhie@gmail.com
Matthias Anderegg MANDEREGG Zurich info@manderegg.ch
Dorothea Anzinger Dorothea Anzinger Germany - Munich dorothea@social-creative-performance.de
Lisa Yeager Lisa Yeager Seattle, WA lyeager@gmail.com
Jude Treder-Wolff Lifestage, Inc Smithtown NY and NY, NY judetrederwolff@gmail.com
Lesley Adams People Zone Limited UK/worldwide lesley@people-zone.com
Renatus Hoogenraad Sparks Training Based in Geneva (Switzerland) and available abroad renatus@sparks.ch