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Robin Fox

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Old Saybrook

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United States

Short Bio

I’m a certified teacher and professional improv actor. I’ve worked in private and public schools, K-12, as a special educator, educational trainer, and consultant for over thirty-five years. My program, SocialEyes Together™, is a classroom-tested, innovative curriculum blending mindfulness, cognitive education, and improvisation exercises. Socially challenged students become more self aware and resilient by playfully connecting with others. They learn to cultivate productive thoughts that advance their goals and dreams leading the way to increased confidence and empathy.

What are you looking for from this network?

I’d love to find other professionals who are in schools working with children and teachers using improv as a social emotional learning tool. I’d also like to train others to do what I do working with groups of socially challenged kids including those on the spectrum.

What topics are you interested in?

Not for profit