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Steve Leybourne

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United States

Short Bio

I am an academic at Boston University researching Organizational Improvisation…

What are you looking for from this network?

I am looking to engage with like-minded people who are interested in Improvised Work at the organizational level.  My particular interest is in improvising within the Project domain, and learning and knowledge transfer from successful organizational improvisational interventions.

I have published extensively in this area in academic journals, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate.  My papers can be viewed at

What topics are you interested in?

Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Adapting, Strategy, Learning, Business, Organisations, Leadership, Sustainability, Business schools, Research

Other interests

I joined this community some years ago as a result of a conversation I had with Paul Z. Jackson.  I also presented a ‘live’ webcast to AIN a few years ago on Organizational Improvisation – I suspect that it is somewhere in the AIN archives.  I updated this and re-presented in January 2021 – that one is definitely on the AIN Youtube channel.