Paul Levy



Paul Levy

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East Sussex


United Kingdom

Short Bio

I'm a writer, facilitator and applied theatre practitioner. I'm the author of several books, including Digital Inferno and The Poetry of Change.

What are you looking for from this network?

Sharing experience about real applied improvisation rather than “improv”.

I’m interested in the process of “improvisation” and how it plays out in personal and working life. I’m less interested in the fixed structures of “Improv”.

I’m an inventor of improvisation-based activities and am keen to connect with others doing that, or interested in it.

I used improvised film in theatre work that explores organisational life. I’m keen to connect with facilitators and theatre makers who used improvisation in their organisational work.



What topics are you interested in?

Presence, Adapting, Spontaneity, Responsiveness, Confidence, Strategy, Games, Gamification, Learning, Humanitarian, Business

Other interests

My theatre company uses improv in its theatre-making processes. Visit:

You can find my web site here:

I’m an improvisation “inventor” and also founder and editor of the theatre magazine, FringeReview.