Mike Ludke



Mike Ludke

Town / City

Metro Detroit

Region / State



United States

Short Bio

"Let joy be the theme of your song."

What are you looking for from this network?

I want to learn as much as I can about improvisation and spread the benefits of it far and wide. I’m particularly interested in how improv can help with mental illness as well as for everyone to feel more confident and less anxious in everyday life.

What topics are you interested in?

High-performance, Teams, teamwork, Collaboration, Better relationships, Creativity, Innovation, Authenticity, Presence, Adapting, Spontaneity, Responsiveness, Confidence, Strategy, Games, Gamification, Learning, Humanitarian, Business, Organisations, Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Presentations, Conflict, Negotiation, Status, Yes, and, Flow, Success, Mistakes, Play, Not for profit, Leadership, Sustainability, Business schools, Research, Books, journals, blogs, podcasts, magazines, articles, Risk, Resilience

Other interests

I am an IT/Data professional, and I see a lot of applications for it in work lives: showing people how to relate to one another in a healthy way and be forces for good in the world. Alternative rock is also a pretty big interest for me – not directly connected to improv – but it’s an important part of my life nevertheless.