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Jodi Pfleghar (USA/Germany) is the Artistic Director of Bake This, Munich's English improv performance group, the Co-Founder of and teacher at ImproMunichorn, and the Director of Improvember, Munich's international improv festival. As well as teaching and performing all around Germany, Jodi works as a voiceover actor, screenplay editor, and Business English teacher. If she's not on stage or hanging out with her two incredible daughters, you can usually find her improvising musical numbers or gangster rapping in a field of daisies.

What are you looking for from this network?

Connections, networking, exchange, projects, performance and teaching opportunities.

What topics are you interested in?

Teams, teamwork, Collaboration, Better relationships, Creativity, Presence, Spontaneity, Responsiveness, Confidence, Games, Learning, Business, Coaching, Training, Status, Yes, and, Mistakes, Play, Resilience

Other interests

Musical Improv, Rap + HipHop, DJ-ing, Organizing Projects/Festivals, Travel, Education, Pedagogy, Networking, Educational Psychology, Handball