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Entrepreneur / searching for applied improv projects to develop in Chile. I will be on the conference at Stony Brook

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I am an entrepreneur and I am looking for applied improv projects to develop in Chile. I study improv at the club “Lospleimovil” in Santiago and I am really impressed by the positive effects that improv generates on people!

For this reason I go to the conference in Stony Brook since I am very interested in developing a project in Chile; I want to know in greater depth the areas in which applied improv is used and I am open to establish contacts, know projects or businesses that I can carry out in my country.

I am a journalist by profession and work as a producer on the show Who wants to be a millionaire? on “Mega” TV station in Chile.

I apologize for my English that is far from good!

I hope to meet you in August!

It would be great if you want to be in touch from now …

Whatsapp: +569 9 1394205


Instagram: @ctza_vasquez_palau

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