Benjamin Lloyd



Benjamin Lloyd

Town / City

Elkins Park

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United States

Short Bio

Ben is the creator of "scenario-based" training, which implements performed scenarios designed for the client being served.

What are you looking for from this network?

Partnerships and networking; teaching opportunities; presenting opportunities

Other interests

Creative innovator in the fields of improvisation, performance, communication & team building. After a 25 year career as a professional actor, I am now a leader in the arts and culture community in the Philadelphia region creating a new paradigm for the American performing artist through my company Bright Invention.
Bright Invention uses improvisation to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their potential. We are committed to entrepreneurial self-sufficiency, proving our value by solving problems, transforming lives, and delighting audiences.
Creative Corporate Training employs an innovative, scenario-based approach to team-building, customer service and workplace culture enhancement. We use structured improvisations we design specifically for each client, which embody issues or themes the client wants their team to examine.