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    Brian Greenberg - Improv, comedy, awesome. 😉
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    James Williams - Retired engineer reinventing himself as an applied therapeutic humorist.
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    Jessica Beckendorf - I am a facilitator, organizational and leadership development, and community development pro. I perform improv comedy and teach workshops on improv principles for everyday life and innovative teams.
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    Mallory Penney - As a team strategist, Mallory helps her clients strengthen communication & leadership skills through applied improvisation team building programs.
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    Christiana Frank Certified Practitioner - click for details - I am a speaker, coach, consultant, program developer, and a certified Applied Improvisation and Applied Theatre Practitioner. For the past 20 years I have been helping corporate teams, educational institutions, and mental health facilities connect to themselves, each other and the world at large. I am the founder of both KidScape Productions and Team Building on Purpose that utilize evidence-based approaches to help people hone in on successful communication that draws from modern-day neuroscience and psychology. Since 1999 I have been designing and leading trainings with a mindful approach to collaboration, communication, and creativity. My passion is deeply rooted in facilitating teams and individuals to communicate effectively and feel confident with ambiguity and change.
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    Ryan Neufeld - Chicago-trained improvisers and a local business manager team up to offer applied improv in the Las Vegas area.
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    Nurse Sandi - I am a Nurse, working in the eldercare and injured community utilizing medical assessment skills and improvisation to positively communicate with clients and professionals.
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    Carlos Rodriguez - Excited to learn more about and help organizations improve through applied improvisation
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    Diana Scott Shields - Merging Improv, Positive Psychology & Coaching to make the world a better place.
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    Mitra Martin - Learning ecosystem designer and qualitative researcher/action-researcher. Argentine Tango expert facilitator and improviser (leader and follower).
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    Stella Woitulewicz - I wandered into the applied improvisation arena by accident. My husband and I were attending an improv shaw at Second City in downtown Detroit (now closed) and I saw a notice for the training center. I was really excited about eh idea, so he gave me a class for Christmas that year. We took every class in improv and then I went on to study comedy writing. It was the best leadership training I ever took. And everything fit into the classes I delivered to people of all ages, from applying improv to managing change to leadership and EI to training trainers.
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    Vana Trudeau - Vana is the Tilden Arts Center Coordinator and a member of the Performing Arts faculty at Cape Cod Community College. She holds a Master’s degree in Drama from Tufts University and a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and Theatre/Dance from Trinity College. While Vana spends much of her time producing and directing, she also teaches acting, directing, theatre history and production courses at the undergraduate level.
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