Webinars & Sixty Minute Socials


We’re launching a new series of AIN webinars called The Big Topic. This is an opportunity for us to gather and learn together in between conferences and local group meetings. They all start at 4pm UK time, and will last 90 minutes. Anyone is welcome to attend, up to the Zoom limit of 100 participants. And yes, they will be participative, with opportunities for discussion and other contributions in lively formats, hosted by the following.

Current Webinars:


These are our Sixty-Minute Socialswhere we can chat about whatever is on our minds, including:

    • Who’s here and what do you do?
    • Something improvisation-related you’ve been pleased recently to notice?
    • What do we want to talk about today?
    • What’s hot for you on the AIN Facebook page?
    • Requests for help and wisdom?
    • Anything else?

Dates Confirmed for Sixty-Minute Socials:

None currently scheduled

Past Webinars


Past Sixty-minute Socials:

  • Wednesday, June 12 at 4 pm, hosted by Paul Z Jackson
  • Friday, June 28 at 2 pm, hosted by Jeanne Lambin
  • Tuesday, July 16 at 4 pm, hosted by Kristy West
  • Friday, August 2 at 2 pm, hosted by Renatus Hoogenraad
  • Monday, September 2 at 2 pm, hosted by Gabe Mercado
  • Thursday October 10 at 4 pm, hosted by Paul Z Jackson