Webinars & Sixty Minute Socials

These Webinars and 60-minute Socials have already taken place. If there is video available, the links will be found below.

  • Tuesday 21 May, 4pm UK time. 
    Getting AI into more business schools  Lukas Zenk + Ralf Wetzel What’s the current situation of AI in business schools? Do we know who is doing what and where? This builds on the current informative discussion on our FB page. What would AIN members want to see in business schools and universities? And what role might we in AIN play in that?

These are our Sixty-Minute Socialswhere we can chat about whatever is on our minds, including:

    • Who’s here and what do you do?
    • Something improvisation-related you’ve been pleased recently to notice?
    • What do we want to talk about today?
    • What’s hot for you on the AIN Facebook page?
    • Requests for help and wisdom?
    • Anything else?

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